About Me


Hi there!┬áMy name is Graham and I live on the outskirts of Southampton, England. I am an average 30 year old with no more than a high school education. A couple of years ago after purchasing my first iPhone I decided I wanted to have a go at app development, although I have always known my way around a computer and been a competent user, I had not attempted programming before (accept for a brief attempt at web design using HTML). Anyway, I read a few books online about the Objective C language just to give myself an idea of what I was letting myself in for before I made the expensive but necessary┬ástep of purchasing a Mac and enrolling in Apple’s Developers Programme.

Imac Image

Soon after purchasing my Mac I had the idea for my first app, it was to be a darts scoreboard, so I set to work on continuing to learn the language while at the same time developing my app, after between 2 & 3 months I finally had the app ready to submit to Apple for review. Even as I create this website nearly 2 years later I am still learning the potential of what can be achieved with a basic idea and a few lines of code. I have now got 7 apps available for download in the app store (although 2 of them are free versions of paid apps), which have achieved over 55,000 downloads in exactly 100 countries,


While I understand the figures above are not jaw dropping it still gives me a great feeling that something I have created from my bedroom in my spare time which has sometimes been limited to just a few hours a week has been downloaded in countries that I have hardly even heard of before.